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Donovan Griffiths is the managing attorney and principal of the firm.

Whether your case is simple or complicated, we have the skills and resources to successfully represent you.   We are committed to protecting your interests and finding solutions that work for you.  Our Firm utilizes practical and 
creative strategies to resolve your case efficiently and effectively.

Our Firm’s practice focuses on the following areas: 


  • Real Estate: representing clients with various real estate matters, including residential and commercial sales and purchases; short sales; loan modifications; mortgages; leases, etc.


  •  Wills and Estates: Estate planning, including drafting Wills and creating Trusts; representing clients in Surrogate’s Court proceedings—probate, administration.

  • Immigration: Filing immigration petitions for clients, especially clients seeking to reunite with their family.


  • Family Law:  representing clients with divorces, child custody and support, and visitation.


  • Bankruptcy: assisting clients with seeking relief from burdening debt, garnishments, restraining notices, and creditors threatening collection lawsuits.


  • Entertainment Law: assisting independent artists with understanding and resolving the legal issues confronting them as they seek to develop and benefit financially from their talents.

  • Cybersecurity: Assisting with cyber incidents and work with corporations to investigations and communicate with their client 


Contact us now for a consultation.   We will provide you with an effective solution suitable for your circumstances.

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